Root Preservation

Working within the TPZ

The Cathedral Court Housing Co-operative retained Earthsake to redesign and construct new retaining walls around 15 mature Tilia cordata (Little leaf Linden) that span the 350 M length of Henry Lane Terrace. The project presented many challenges both above and below the soil surface and involved working deep into the heart of the tree root zone.

Monitoring & Assessment

Assessing Tree Health within BIAs

Over the years attempts to enhance pedestrian corridors through tree planting have been unsuccessful. The efforts to increase available soil volumes for street trees through the use of below surface soil cells will too be unsuccessful if the trees are not properly maintained. Our study illustrates that regular tree care can make the difference.

Forest Management

Restoration within the Oak Ridge Moraine

Portions of a 13 acre property in the ORM were extensively damaged during construction of a large residential home. Our efforts to repair this damaged focused on the restoration of a mature American beech – Sugar maple – Basswood forest, slope stabilization on disturbed sandy soils and developing a robust ecotone along 400M of edge. This project included a 3 year adaptive management program.